Industry Experts Share Secrets on How to Present and Close on an

Agent Interview


Your campaigns and prospecting calls are starting to pay off and you have secured an interview with a prospective recruit. This is a golden opportunity and should not be taken lightly. There are several steps that should be taken prior to and during the interview.

Preparation is key

If you have not done so already, gather as much information as you can about the prospect. If possible, do a search at your local MLS (Broker Metrix) to learn this prospect’s production as it will provide you with valuable information for your interview. For example, if the prospect is not as productive as he/she should be, your coaching and lead generation will be of greater interest to him/her versus a top producer that may be more interested in the latest technology or team building.

Get your house in order

The appearance of your office is very important. Ensure that the office is free of clutter, the area that you will be conducting the interview is tidy and all the material that you will need for your interview is readily available. Your personal appearance also reflects the professionalism of your office. Be sure your front desk employee is aware that you are expecting a prospective recruit and remind them ahead of time to be friendly and courteous.

When you meet your recruit inform you front desk employee that you are going into an important meeting and to hold all of your calls. This gesture alone will impress your recruit and he/she will appreciate the fact that you are taking this meeting seriously and showing them respect. Spend a few minutes establishing rapport to break the ice; be careful though, you do not want to spend too much time on idle conversation. Remember that this is your interview and you must be in control. Start by asking some important questions that will help you understand their motivation of wanting to change offices and find out the type of office they are hoping to find.

Some examples of the questions you should be asking are:

“What do you like about your existing broker?”

What are some of the things you dislike or would like to see changed in your current office?”

These questions will provide you with very valuable information about the motivation of your prospect.

 Don’t get sidetracked, stick to your presentation

A typical question you can expect a prospect to ask is “What’s your commission structure?” This question will likely come before you have had the opportunity to address all the benefits that your company has to offer and you should treat this the same way you would a list presentation. The seller wants to know how much you charge prior to you having the opportunity to demonstrate to him/her all the benefits they would get by listing with you.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore the question. A good way to answer might be, “I can assure you that you would be very happy with my commission structure, please allow me to show you how you are going to close more deals and make more money. “ It’s up to you what language you use.

It is very important to get through your entire presentation because if your prospect is not convinced that he/she will benefit by joining you then they simply will not. Some broker like to solicit the help of some of their existing agents to close a recruit, especially if the agent is going to get a benefit out of it. This is fine to do as long as you coach your agent about your recruit prior to the meeting so that the agent does not surprise you by saying the wrong thing.

Practice make perfect. Keep practicing your interview.


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